The Why, The How, and What of Wellness Croft


We believe in a world where health and sustainability coexist, where local and ethically sourced foods enrich lives and communities. Our commitment goes beyond nourishing bodies; it's about nurturing the environment, uplifting local economies, and ensuring equitable access to nutritious foods. At Wellness Croft, we're not just reducing carbon footprints and enhancing public health – we're building a sustainable future for New England and beyond.


By forging a unique regional ingredient sourcing network and embracing industry 4.0 technology, Wellness Croft has developed a revolutionary food preservation platform. This innovative approach retains the full nutrition of fresh foods, transforming them into delightful culinary experiences. Our open innovation model fosters collaboration across New England, continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible in healthy and sustainable food production.


With our groundbreaking approach, Wellness Croft creates preserved functional foods that are not just good for health but also for the local economy and environment. We empower regional innovators with our services, helping them enter the preserved food marketplace in a way that's local, sustainable, and equitable. Our products are a testament to our commitment to innovation, health, and ecological well-being.