Best Hiking Snacks

It’s more important than ever before that we focus on providing the best and sustainable hiking snacks and quality plant-based food options of the highest standards. At Wellness Croft we support Northeast sustainable, ecological, and ethical growers. We feature both Eco Apple® and Eco Peach™ 

Fruits. Eco is the highest standard of sustainable growing in the northeast. It’s no secret that there are many unsanitary or contaminated processing and growing food providers currently operating. That’s why we make it a point to focus solely on superior-quality sources, so you can trust the food you’re receiving is made with your safety and health in mind. Our FDA registration, state licensure, and third party product safety testing by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) assures our product quality. Whether you’re walking an easy-to-navigate hiking trail or powerfully climbing an impressive mountain trail, you must provide your body with the necessary nutrients it needs to perform. Wellness Croft, Inc. is veteran owned and has become a trusted leader in providing the very best plant-based hiking snack options available. Our delicious hiking snacks are offered at affordable rates, so we keep your budget in mind. We strive to provide healthy hiking snacks for everyone to enjoy. 

We understand that, when it comes to good hiking snacks, you have many options. Our easy-to-use online ordering system makes it convenient for you to get the best hiking snacks delivered right to your door. You can rest easy knowing that your health food products were shipped using eco-friendly, 100% recyclable materials. Our team has years of experience and makes it a goal to carefully vet and provide the healthiest hiking snacks that offer strong benefits. Using our innovative and common allergen free (NO meat, milk, wheat, soy, or nuts) freeze-drying plant process, we’ve happily served many wonderful health foods to hikers, Yogis, and avid fitness folks from all over. As a well-known advocate for choosing healthy food options and with over tens years of living a plant-based lifestyle, we understand what it takes to maintain a health-conscious lifestyle and mindset. Our team is eager to help answer any questions you have, so feel free to contact us if necessary. Browse our large variety of health foods and choose Wellness Croft, Inc. for the best hiking snacks and other plant-based health food options.