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Freeze-Dried Basket Subscriptions

Plant-Based Products with Purpose

Our Customers are Plant-based Sustainability Change Agents!

 Join the action, with a Subscription Basket, to apply persistent pressure to sustain an ethical and ecological food chain in the Northeast.

Finally Sustainable and Local Plant-Based Products

It is nice to finally find a way to both help the Sustainability cause while enjoying tasty and nutritious snacks for our family. Yummy Karma! 

Joyce Perfetti

Ultra Adventure Back Country Hiking Types

Yum yum wellness snacks.  A new brand of great tasting freeze dried fruit snacks. For all you ultra adventure back country thru hiking buddies.  You gotta get these for your back pack'n, river run'n, glacier cross'n excursions!

@ericj.j (Instagram)

So Crunchy and Tasty

These were delicious! So crunchy and tasty!!! Thank you so much. I’m going to share it with my friends and will order more soon. Thanks so much. 

S. Unger

Definitely a Hit!

My almost 14 year old son just ate ALL of the fruit you sent.  He literally just polished off ALL 4 bags, while I was cleaning out the basement.  Gone. All of them.  I’d say it was a hit. Will def order some more!

Amy D.

I wish you could see their faces

I wish you could see my kids faces when our sustainability basket subscription arrives. It is a commercial in and of itself. Love your products!

Jessica S.

We Offer Freeze Dried Produce Subscription Baskets

Freeze-Dried 100% Fruit Snacks, Herbs, and Veggies- No Additives!

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Disrupt in Your Market

Interested in creating a disruptive new product based on freeze-drying technology. Let us help you accelerate your business objectives. Full HACCP Food Safety, FDA Registered, Massachusets State Licensed Facility.

Pilot programs through full production schedulling available. Call Tim @ 774 338 1767 to inquire.