Northeast Grown "Cortland" EcoCertified™ Apple Pouch

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Featuring Rogers Orchards, Southington, CT Cortland EcoCertified™ Apples:

Cortland is considered as moderately juicy and fairly sweet compared to McIntosh.

Writer Roger Yepsen describes Cortland as a “friendly” apple in his book Apples. “The flavor is tart and tangy,” he writes, “but not emphatically so, and juicy. It is a good apple to accompany a sandwich.” He recommends it for pies, sauce, and cider, too. Cortland ripen in late September or early October.

Freeze Drying provides a crisp texture and surprising "Fresh Fruit" taste. Eat with your favorite sandwich, as a side, for a more nutritionally complete lunch. Delightful!

Discovered: 1898 Geneva, New York

Parentage: Ben Davis x McIntosh

Harvest: Midseason