Ojai Pixie Tangerines- Family Farmed In California, USA

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Not Northeast sourced but surely sustainably grown at the Friend Family Ranch! Late Winter Vitamin Boost! 

Super Food: Just one cup of pixie tangerines offers 87% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C. Vitamin C as measured in Brix units for Pixies is 17.5 – 18.3 brix; comparatively, the average brix of a tangerine is 11.5.

Ojai Pixie tangerines are amazingly sweet and always seedless! They are by far the most popular fruit grown by the Friend family;  and we are among other family and friends in the Ojai Valley that grow them. Luckily, these growers all get along and have banded together to form the Ojai Pixie Growers Association (see their website at www.ojaipixies.com for loads of Ojai Pixie information or keep up to date on the Ojai Pixie facebook page).

The Friend family has grown Ojai Pixie tangerines since the early 1970′s after Anne’s father, Elmer Friend, planted a few trees as an experiment. The Pixie trees grew well, and when Emily and George were young they would consume much of the crop before the fruit could make it to market; really, kids can eat a lot of Ojai Pixies.

Pixies are very low in acid and kids absolutely love them (they have even had folks with finicky kids who claim to not eat fruit get hooked).   Anne, who is a fabulous cook, bakes Ojai Pixie tangerine tarts and cookies with Ojai Pixie zest and juice, while Emily likes to peel them and put them in her salads. 

Wellness Croft's proprietary and allergen free Freeze-drying process creates a sweet/tart and crunchy treat that may require adult supervision to control all the munching! Sold in (1) oz. Pouches and (4) X (1) oz Baskets. Healthy wellness from sustainable family farmers. Our sharable (1) once pouch of freeze-dried pixie tangerines is the equivalent in nutrition to almost 3/4lbs of fresh tangerines.